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We are the undisputed life saviors around Spangler Restoration in Charlotte, which the totality of your life revolves, maintaining and caring for your home should be pretty high on your list of top priorities. Aside from the fact that it’s where you spend the majority of your time working, raising a family, celebrating the holidays with loved ones – and the all-important hours spent sleeping – your home is also one of the most significant financial investments you’ll probably ever make in your life, right? So why not make it the very best it can possibly be? And fortunately, you don’t have to move in order to realize the home of your dreams either . . . one word: renovate!

We provide all that is required to get you back to normal restoration our restorers have years of fire and water restoration, mold remediation and flood disaster recovery. We are the preferred vendors for much major insurance companies water Damage Restoration If your loss is not covered by the insurance company for any reason we can still provide free estimates and the best pricing in the industry water Damage Restoration.

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Thanks to our team of highly trained technicians, designers, and artisans at Spangler., more and more homeowners all across the greater Charlotte NC area have decided to renovate their homes instead of dealing with the endless stress, hassle, and financial strain of struggling with relocation.

If you’ve ever moved before you know about all the work involved: packing, loading up the moving van, unpacking everything, changing your address and phone numbers with friends, family, and creditors, finding new schools, adjusting to an entirely new environment, making new friends . . . the list goes on and on. Renovating’s the smarter choice for sure!

Whether you’re plain old bored with the present ‘look’ of your abode or you want to increase its market value with some much-needed – and perhaps slightly overdue – home improvements like sprucing up your kitchen a bit or even revamping the bathrooms, remodeling can not only renew your overall ‘nest interest,’ it can also transform all of the existing rooms into more fully functional areas for both works and play.

Spangler is here to provide you with exceptional renovation, reconstruction, and emergency restoration services guaranteed to significantly improve either the exterior or interior of your living/working space – and all to your exact specifications. You and your family deserve the very best, and Metro Restorations, Inc. will work hard to ensure that we renovate your home to match seamlessly with your designs, budgets, and time frame.

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With a keen artists eye attuned to every detail and a commitment level that aims for only the finest quality craftsmanship on a per-project basis, Spangler is the full-service home renovation company in Charlotte to trust most. To transform your home into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted it to be.

We are members of the IICRC and much other trade organizations water Damage Restoration We adhere to the IICRC standardsWater Damage Restoration and carry certification for all restorative cleaning & disaster restoration services such as, water damage restoration, and fire restoration water Damage Restoration It does not matter if you have a wet carpet from a broken plumbing lineWater Damage Restoration water in the attic from a leaking roof or water in your basement or crawl space water Damage Restoration We have the solution you have been looking for water Damage Restoration

In the event of an emergency or disaster water Damage Restoration, it is important to have a reliable source that you can count on to clean up and get you back on track later.

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