Why Latex – Mattresses In North Carolina

Why Latex – Mattresses In North Carolina

It’s a valid question. When traditional spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses and air mattresses (and the occasional water bed) are all in contention, having to consider yet another type of mattress company in Charlotte NC may be the last thing you want to do. But this is one of those cases where paying a little bit of attention will open up a world of possibilities for your sleeping habits. It turns out that latex – natural Talalay latex – is one of the healthiest, environmentally friendly and most comfortable materials available today.

benefits to you & the environment:
• 100% Certified Organic
• Devoid of toxic chemicals that might be inhaled during sleep
• Breathable and absorbent, maximizing air circulation and minimizing perspiration

Health Is Important In Charlotte NC

We could all probably use fewer chemicals in our daily life. From quick and easy instant foods to sugar-filled beverages, air pollution and even synthetic materials in our digital gear there seem to be hazards at every turn. While cutting out everything is clearly impossible, many people are at least now working to limit the number of chemicals in their home. In the bedroom in particular, natural latex mattresses have become the symbol of a healthier alternative. Eco-conscious sleepers are especially attracted to 100% natural latex because it is entirely plant-derived, does not contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic materials and offers benefits like being hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria and mold. No other type of mattress can claim such advantages.

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A Better Sleep In Charlotte

What makes natural latex mattresses so ‘green’ is its core material – latex. This liquid is retrieved by tapping rubber trees, is completely renewable and the process of sourcing it is as gentle to the environment as retrieving maple syrup. The only other major components of the latex mattress production process is then air and water – air that is whipped into the mattress to give its buoyant quality and water to wash and cleanse the final product. So what you end up sleeping on has not been enhanced or hardened by synthetic chemicals and can be called 100% pure.

A lot of supporters of natural latex mattresses will discuss its strength and durability, antimicrobial properties and hypoallergenic composition. Even after the lifespan of the mattress has been reached, it is completely biodegradable and will be absorbed back into the earth. But on top of the physical benefits, what sleepers enjoy the most is the peace of mind that they are resting on something that is not only natural but also sustainable. This leads to an even less stressful sleep experience in the long run as well as a positive outlook that can lead to many other eco-conscious and healthy life choices.

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